Many women take care of their facial skin in a variety of ways. Consulting specialists, using the right cosmetics, and reducing harmful risk factors are only some of the methods of caring for mature skin. Can proper nutrition and comprehensive supplementation prove helpful in counteracting imperfections?

What is mature skin?

Mature skin is an age-related skin condition. Although the term mature skin refers to people aged 40 and older, skin aging starts much earlier. The first changes signaling the beginning of this process happen after the age of 25. All this is determined by hormonal changes, decreased efficiency of metabolism, slowed metabolic rate, and gradual weakening of the body's resistance to adverse effects of risk factors.

Characteristics of mature skin – the main skin features

  • Reduced blood circulation
  • Excessive and noticeable dryness
  • Grey skin tone
  • Visible wrinkles and fatigue.
  • Decreased elasticity and excessive flabbiness

Apart from skin changes, we should also mention noticeable deviations of the natural shape of the face. Many women with mature skin complain of deficiencies in the form of drooping corners of the eyes and mouth or sagging cheeks.

Mature skincare – beauty supplements

Cosmetics and skincare treatments are certainly effective ways to maintain the optimal condition of mature skin. However, in many cases, it is necessary to look for extra support. For this purpose, it is worth paying attention to the daily diet, which should be based on healthy products. Good quality foods will allow you to provide many valuable components. However, do not forget that the level of their bioavailability from food is very limited. That is why dietary supplements play an important role – a quick and convenient way to easily enrich your diet plan with a number of valuable components.

What should a supplement for women who want to take care of their mature complexion contain?


Collagen protein is the main component of connective tissue that co-creates the skin. The network of collagen fibers guarantees its proper elasticity and flexibility, which allows the skin to maintain a healthy and young appearance. The best choice will be supplemented containing marine collagen, which is obtained from fish – its structure is very similar to human collagen protein, and in addition, it shows high bioavailability.

Hyaluronic acid

Nearly half of the total content of hyaluronic acid in the human body is found in the skin. The main property of this substance is the ability to bind water. Optimal levels of hyaluronic acid prevent excessive drying out of the skin, which ensures proper hydration. It also supports the skin by protecting it from the destructive effects of certain atmospheric factors such as frost, wind, and sunlight.


Zinc is an essential element with a valuable application in the fight against skin problems. It affects the process of apoptosis - zinc accelerates the death of old and damaged skin cells, which stimulates the body to produce new ones. Thanks to this it prevents abnormalities such as clogged pores and the formation of blackheads.

Selenium is an equally valuable mineral. Its effect is based on the regulation of sebum production. Moreover, it has a strong influence on the protection of cells against free oxygen radicals, which helps delay the aging process.


There is no doubt that a healthy complexion is closely related to the action of certain vitamins. One of the most important is biotin, which has an extremely significant impact on the condition of the skin. It regulates the sebaceous glands and reduces seborrhea, prevents the formation of spots and flaking of the skin, and helps eliminate the discoloration.

Apart from it, two other valuable vitamins should be mentioned. The first of them is vitamin B6, which affects the correct metabolism of homocysteine and helps fight free radicals and the negative consequences of aging. Vitamin C, in turn, is not only a powerful antioxidant that supports the normal functioning of the immune system. It is also an important component of the collagen protein synthesis process.

FA Beauty Elixir - a supplement for women with mature skin

The most important role in a beauty supplement is played by:

  • composition – it should be holistic and contain optimally selected proportions of particular ingredients,
  • form – drinking preparations are characterized by high assimilability and allow the producer to use larger amounts of components,
  • raw materials – the supplement should be prepared from high-quality raw materials, which guarantees safety during use, reliable action, and real quality of the effects achieved.

All of the above features are reflected in the preparation of FA Nutrition Beauty Elixir. This is a multidimensional formula containing only proven ingredients with a valuable impact on beauty. The formula contains natural marine collagen Peptan® F, caviar extract, hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts (acerola and rosehip), minerals (zinc, selenium), and vitamins (B6 and C) – all obtained from the high-quality sources and matched in the right proportions. The product is for women of all ages and skin types who want to keep their skin, hair, and nails in perfect condition and take care of their own beauty.

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