Are collagen's for me?

Collagen protein topic is integral to beauty, proper nutrition, and good health. Are supplements containing collagen really a valuable form of support? Who should reach for preparations with collagen and why?

Collagen action and properties

Collagen is one of the proteins produced in the human organism, accounting for nearly 30% of all proteins. It is also a fundamental component of connective tissue - a building material, which is included in the composition of all structures in the body. Collagen protein contained in connective tissue is found in mucous membranes, cartilage, bones, blood vessel walls, tendons or teeth, among others. Besides, it has a protective function and provides protection for internal organs such as the liver and stomach.

Collagen is primarily known for its beneficial effects on the condition and functioning of the body. It is often referred to as "beauty protein" or "youth protein". All due to the impact on a number of
important beauty issues:
•    supports the maintenance of good skin condition,
•    contributes to faster healing of wounds,
•    helps reduce the visible signs of aging,
•    influences blood circulation by maintaining optimal elasticity of vessels.

Who should use supplements with collagen?

Practically everyone, no matter their gender, age, or current level of physical activity, should decide to enrich their daily diet with products containing collagen. However, its supplementation is particularly important in several specific cases.
Collagen for skin, hair, and nail problems
The use of collagen is recommended for people who are struggling with dermal problems. Causes of imperfections can include bad nutrition and lack of products that provide collagen proteins. Collagen deficiencies often lead to visible and unsightly changes including dryness and excessive sagging of facial skin. Increasing the collagen supply in the diet may help the circulatory system, e.g. by limiting the risk of stiffening blood vessel walls and regulating blood pressure. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that collagen, which is a component of connective tissue, also affects nails and hair.

Collagen for seniors
The progressive aging process of the body results in a gradual reduction of the natural ability to produce collagen. What's more, seniors often face difficulties with limited absorption of certain components from food. Collagen supplementation in seniors will not only help prevent wrinkles and provide optimal body skin elasticity. Regular use of preparations with collagen will also be a valuable form of support for the musculoskeletal system, because, as we know, with age the strength of bones and joints is significantly weakened.

Collagen for athletes

If we talk about the musculoskeletal system, we can't forget about sports enthusiasts. Recreational exercisers and professional athletes constantly strain their bodies during training. Admittedly, sport is health itself, but regular exercise contributes to gradual wear and tear of joint cartilage, tendon strain or bone overload. However, the results of a 2017 scientific study conducted on a group of 139 athletic individuals with functional problems of the knee joint seem to confirm the validity of the use of collagen for the reduction of pain caused by physical activity[1].
The issue of the skin itself cannot be overlooked either, as it is not only vulnerable to damage. Loose and lacking firmness skin on the abdomen, thighs, and face is the nightmare of most people after getting rid of unwanted pounds. Both men and women can consider collagen supplementation when losing weight and reducing excess body fat.

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  1. Zdzieblik, Denise, et al. "Improvement of activity-related knee joint discomfort following supplementation of specific collagen peptides." Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 42.6 (2017): 588-595.

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