On the topic of beauty, it's hard not to mention shiny, durable, and well-groomed hair. However, there are quite a few risk factors that can cause their condition to decline. How can you strengthen your hair? Does daily diet play a big role in providing optimal protection?

What are the causes of weak and damaged hair?

It is difficult to point to one specific cause that contributes to the gradual deterioration of healthy hair. The problem of damaged hair is usually a combination of several factors, among them:

  • complete loss or incorrect care of the hair
  • environmental pollution such as high levels of smog in cities
  • excessive stress, exhaustion, and poor regeneration
  • unfavorable atmospheric conditions e.g. too much sunlight
  • frequent use of cosmetic and styling procedures, e.g. perms, coloring
  • using poor quality or unsuitable cosmetics for your hair and scalp type

Besides the above, two other issues should be mentioned that are closely related. The first one is the progressive aging process of the body and the accompanying changes e.g. hormonal changes, worsening of the absorption of certain ingredients from food (e.g. vitamins and minerals), or the reduction of endogenous production of several substances (e.g. collagen and amino acids). The second one is a wrongly composed diet and related to its deficiencies of components, which allow to maintain the healthy condition of the scalp and keep strong hair.

A diet for hair loss – what should it contain?

The issue of losing and weakened hair is a problem for women and men of all ages. One of the elements of prevention is to supplement the daily diet with ingredients, which are known to have a beneficial effect on beauty. Apart from nutrition, it is worth remembering to reach for dietary supplements - they give you a chance to enrich your diet with highly assimilable active components and to deliver them from good quality sources. What should be included in the formula of this product?

Marine collagen

Fish or marine collagen provides the body with type I collagen protein – the most valuable form of collagen protein for beauty. Collagen is known to be a fundamental component of the connective tissue that forms skin, hair, nails, and a number of other structures in the human body. Fish collagen protein is characterized by high bioavailability and structure similar to human collagen. Therefore, it is a much better choice than the popular bovine collagen, which in practice is poorly absorbed.

Hyaluronic Acid

Using hyaluronic acid, the scalp and hair get solid hydration support. In addition, it guarantees the strengthening of hair follicles, which is an extra help to reduce the risk of hair loss. Hyaluronic acid supplementation is important due to the fact that with age, its level in the body gradually decreases.


Vitamin B7, which is commonly referred to as biotin, is one of the most demanded components in the diet for health and beauty. It is attributed to its beneficial effects in stimulating the hair growth process and eliminating seborrhea. Moreover, biotin is mentioned to be beneficial in regulating scalp metabolism by, among other things, energizing the hair matrix and providing it with valuable sulfur to increase keratin mass.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid, aka vitamin C, is an extremely powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from the adverse effects of oxidative stress and oxygen-free radicals. In addition, it also has other valuable properties for hair. Vitamin C affects the normal synthesis of collagen, which helps keep hair healthy and strong.

FA Beauty Elixir - the perfect way to boost your hair!

FA Nutrition Beauty Elixir dietary supplement is a multi-ingredient formula prepared for people who want to take care of their beauty and prevent imperfections. The formula uses only proven and valuable ingredients to support the condition of hair (such as natural fish collagen Peptan®, biotin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B6 and C, selenium, caviar extract) – all selected in optimal proportions and obtained from the highest quality sources. The product has been prepared with attention to every detail, and the amazing flavors, and comfortable forms (powder, sachets and shot ampoules) guarantee real comfort during use. For more information about the supplement, visit

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