Caviar extract and healthy skin – natural support for beauty

Caviar extract and healthy skin - natural support for beauty

When you think "caviar", an exquisite delicacy comes to mind. It turns out that Siberian sturgeon roe is used not only in cooking. Science has recognized many valuable properties in it that may be useful in the context of supporting the daily care of the skin of the face and body.

FA Nutrition Beauty Elixir is a product known as a nutricosmetic - a dietary supplement aimed at supporting healthy beauty and preventing imperfections. Its composition is a thoughtful composition of high-quality Peptan F marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. However, the real innovation is the presence of caviar extract.

FA Nutrition Beauty Elixir - comprehensive skin care

Caviar extract is an ideal form to supplement your daily skin care routine. Regular supplementation ensures:
  • improved smoothness (by 60%), reduced dryness (by 82%), increased skin firmness [ 1 ],
  • reduction of fine lines by 30% and reduction of crow's feet by 24% [ 1 ],
  • additional protection against external factors, preventing skin aging [ 2 ],
  • support for the operation of the cosmetics used.

Why is caviar a luxury product?

Caviar is obtained from the eggs of the sturgeon, the population of which is constantly declining. Limited availability makes caviar a luxury product. This led to the founding of the company Strugeon Aquafarm, which in its aquaculture facilities offered fish extremely favorable and optimal conditions, rather than their natural habitat.

French farmed caviar - more than just high quality!

French Aquitaine is called the European capital of caviar for a reason. The breeding conditions offered to the sturgeons meet the highest quality standards. The caviar extract used in Beauty Elixir comes from roe obtained from French farms. We made sure that the supplement was not only valuable in terms of operation and quality, but also bearing in mind the natural environment and fish welfare - in accordance with the principles we want to promote. By choosing Beauty Elixir, you can be sure that the caviar used comes from proven and certified sources.

The effect of caviar on beauty

Caviar extract is still an innovation in nutricosmetics formulas. In the case of Beauty Elixir, it is one of the main components of the composition. FA Nutrition R&D specialists saw the valuable potential of Siberian sturgeon roe extract for skin health. The key to the valuable properties of caviar extract is its composition - it contains a number of components with a positive effect on beauty.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs) - support the maintenance of optimal skin integrity and protect against excessive water loss, which ensures proper smoothness and tension. Fatty acids are also a component of sebum, and their insufficient content makes it excessively thick (it can cause irritation, inflammation, acne lesions, etc.).
  • Phospholipids - are the main building blocks of cell membranes and are responsible for their regeneration processes. Thanks to their content, active ingredients contained in cosmetics can effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and provide care.
  • Arginine - supports proper skin microcirculation, which has a positive effect on preventing certain abnormalities (spider veins, bedsores or long-lasting bruises) [3, 4].
  • Glycine - prevents wrinkles by maintaining the optimal elasticity of the skin.
  • Methionine - guarantees strong and healthy hair, and prevents excessive drying of the skin by creating a thin protective layer [5].
  • Iodine - supports the process of skin decontamination and protection against the harmful effects of external factors.
  • Copper - helps to maintain the proper pigmentation of the skin and hair, regulates the work of sebaceous glands, supports the protection of cells against oxidative stress and regenerates.
  • Vitamin A - is one of the components of the collagen and elastin synthesis process, which are the basic proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Vitamin B5 - participates in the natural regeneration processes of the skin, it is believed to have a positive effect on the distribution of pigment, skin lightening and prevention of broken blood vessels.
  • Vitamin E - has strong antioxidant properties, and is also useful in the fight against itching, eczema or atopic inflammatory lesions [6].
The presence of caviar extract in the composition of Beauty Elixir is not accidental. A lot of positive properties in combination with other components makes the product a guarantee of multidimensional support for beauty. FA Nutrition's Nutrikosmetic is available in the form of an easily soluble powder, convenient sachets and shot-type ampoules - all flavored with pinacolada or juicy fruit. See for yourself that the secret to innovative and effective supplementation are natural ingredients of the highest quality.

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